Variety of Trains 


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  Here's the Lionel standard "Coal train". Note that this train has the jet black (not dark grey) 318 engine and the red and black caboose. These 2 pieces were unique to this set which makes it quite rare. 

Ives Empress / Princess set with an early # 17 engine.

  At first glance this looks like a Lionel #17 but it's not! In 1926 American Flyer used Lionel bodies for their first standard gauge freight cars. To fit in the Flyer engine coupler slot one of the inverted "T" tabs on the coupler was filed off. The bottom of the car is marked "Made for American Flyer Lines".

  This is a boxed Ives #17 set. Not that this early version engine does not have side rods and the engine casting has no slot to receive the drive rod.

  These are Ives transition standard gauge cars. The lower right tank car utilizes a Flyer wide gauge tank and the remainder of cars are based on Lionel 200 series.

  Here's an Ives / Lionel standard gauge transition set. These all have Ives plates.

  This is a silver painted Lionel Flying Yankee set. It's much harder to find than the chrome version with the grey engine top.